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Generation No. 6

     32.  fifth Baronet of Cloughgr Sir Richard Butler46,47,48,49, born 1704 in Ballintemple, Carlow, Ireland; died 25 Dec 1771.  He was the son of 64. James Butler and 65. Frances Abney.  He married 33. Henrietta Percy 172850.

     33.  Henrietta Percy51, born Abt. 1701 in Ballintemple, Carlow, Ireland; died 14 Jan 1794 in Ballintemple, Carlow, Ireland.  She was the daughter of 66. Henry Percy and 67. Eliza Paul.

Notes for fifth Baronet of Cloughgr Sir Richard Butler:

Sir Richard Butler, 5th Bt. succeeded to the title of 5th Baronet Butler, of Cloughgrenan, co. Carlow [I., 1628].1 He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for County Carlow [Ireland] between 1729 and 1761

More About Sir Butler and Henrietta Percy:

Marriage: 172852


Children of Sir Butler and Henrietta Percy are:

         16                i.        Pierce Butler, born 11 Jul 1744 in County Carlow, Ireland; died 15 Feb 1822 in Philadelphia, PA; married Mary Middleton 10 Jan 1771 in Edgefield, SC.

                     ii.        William Paul Butler

                     iii.        Sir Thomas Butler, born 1744; died 07 Oct 1772.

Notes for Sir Thomas Butler:

      He married Dorothea Bayly, daughter of Very Rev. Edward Bayly and Catherine Price, on 19 June 1759.1 He died on 7 October 1772.

     Sir Thomas Butler, 6th Bt. held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for County Carlow [Ireland] between 1761 and 1768.3,4 He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Portarlington [Ireland] between 1771 and 1772.4 He succeeded to the title of 6th Baronet Butler, of Cloughgrenan, co. Carlow [I., 1628] on 25 December 1771.

     He had three younger sons and three other daughters

     34.  Col. Thomas Middleton53,54,55,56, born 1719 in Goose Creek, South Carolina; died 17 Dec 1766 in Beaufort, South Carolina.  He was the son of 68. Governor Arthur Middleton and 69. Sarah Amory.  He married 35. Mary Bull 1743 in Beaufort, SC57.

     35.  Mary Bull58,59, born 1723 in South Carolina; died 02 Feb 1760 in South Carolina.  She was the daughter of 70. John Bull and 71. Mary Branford.

Notes for Col. Thomas Middleton:

Col. Thomas Middleton, of Boochave and Howe Hall, Esq.; J.P., member of the Commons, Colonel of the Carolina Regt., &c. was b. at the Oaks in 1719, was justice of the peace and member of the Commons from 1742 to 1766, first for St. James, then St. Bartholomew's, Prince William's, Charleston, and St. Helena. In 1741 he was adjutant to the Charleston Regiment, in 1743 of Wright's Horse and then Captain in the Berkley Regiment. He passed the years 1753-54 in travel abroad ("23 Apr. 1753 sailed for Cowes, the Henreietta, capt Rains, having on board Thomas Middleton, esq; Mr. Alex Peronneau &c.", "December 1754 Thomas Middleton arrived from London"--S.C. Gazette) and on his return, besides his landed interests, engaged in commerce and banking in Charlestown & Beaufort. In 1759, he commanded the Gentlemen volunteers in the expedition into Cherokee Mountains(*) and in 1760 was Col. of the S.C. Regiment, in which Moultrie, Marion, Huger, and other Revolutionary officers began their military career and led the regiment in the campaign against the Cherokees and battle of Estatoe.

A controversy with Col Grant, who commanded the British regulars, led to a personal encounter and a duel. Col Middleton's conduct in this matter was highly approved by public opinion and his popularity rose to great height.


Died at Beaufort Col:Thomas Middleton, by whose death the Community suffers an irreparable loss. Express from Beaufort that on Wednesday night died there very much lamented Thomas Middleton, esq; who was Colonel of the Provincial regiment on the expedition against the Cherokee Indians, in the year 1761, &c. (S.C. Gazette--17 & 22 Dec. 1766


Will 22 Nov. 1766 proved 22 Jan: 1767; wife, Anne 1000 acres next True Blue &c.; dg. Elizabeth (7), child unborn &c; daus Sarah and Mary Middleton and son William Middleton; wife, brother Henry Middleton and son Wm Middleton, exec"

More About Thomas Middleton and Mary Bull:

Marriage: 1743, Beaufort, SC59


Children of Thomas Middleton and Mary Bull are:

         17                i.        Mary Middleton, born 1748 in Beaufort, Beaufort, SC; died 1790 in Prince William,  SC; married Pierce Butler 10 Jan 1771 in Edgefield, SC.

                     ii.        William Middleton, born 1744 in Beaufort, SC; died 06 Apr 1768 in Beaufort, SC.

                     iii.        Sarah Middleton, born 1746 in SC; died 1785 in SC.

     36.  James Hembree60, born Abt. 1700 in Lunenburg, VA; died Bef. 1770 in Lunenburg Co, VA.  He was the son of 72. Henry Embry Sr.  He married 37. SARAH.

     37.  SARAH

Notes for James Hembree:

It is believed that he was born in Virginia among early settlers

along the James River.  He appears on records of Hanover, Goochland and Halifax Counties, Virginia.   A civil suit Clement Read vs. James Hembry in Feb 1754 Halifax Co, VA validates the Hembree name.  Clement Read, an attorney for Col. Henry Embry, would presumably know the spelling. 


Children of James Hembree and SARAH are:

         18                i.        David Hembree, born Abt. 1727 in Goochland County, Virginia; died 1809 in Pendleton District (now Anderson Co) South Carolina; married Elizabeth.

                     ii.        James Hembree, born 1730 in Goochland County, Virginia; died Bef. 1790 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

                     iii.        JOHN HEMBREE, born Bet. 1730 - 1735 in Goochland County, Virginia; died Bef. 1800 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

                    iv.        WILLIAM HEMBREE, born Abt. 1740 in Goochland County, Virginia.

     44.  Charles PLUNKETT61,62, born 1725 in Ireland; died 1790 in Saludo, Newberry, SC.  He was the son of 88. Captain Peter PLUNKETT and 89. Jane Galloway.  He married 45. Hannah Cleland 1748 in Newberry, SC.

     45.  Hannah Cleland, born 1728 in Orange, VA; died 1794 in Saludo, Newberry, SC.

More About Charles PLUNKETT and Hannah Cleland:

Marriage: 1748, Newberry, SC


Children of Charles PLUNKETT and Hannah Cleland are:

         22                i.        Robert PLUNKETT, born Abt. 1750 in Ireland; died Abt. Jun 1805 in Newberry District SC; married Margaret MURDOCK.

                     ii.        James PLUNKETT, born Abt. 1752.

                     iii.        William PLUNKETT, born Abt. 1760.

                    iv.        John PLUNKETT, born Abt. 1775.

                     v.        Charles C. PLUNKETT, born Abt. 1772; married Sarah Evans.

                    vi.        Elizabeth Plunkett, married CLELAND.

     46.  Hambleton MURDOCK, born 1736 in Killyleagh, Down, Ireland; died 1805 in Newberry Cty, SC.  He was the son of 92. William Murdogh and 93. Martha Hamilton.  He married 47. Mary Cleland 10 Jan 1754 in Killyleagh Parish,Ireland.

     47.  Mary Cleland, born 15 Mar 1736 in Killyleagh, Down,  Ireland; died 1787.

More About Hambleton MURDOCK:

Immigration: Charleston, SC from Ireland

More About Hambleton MURDOCK and Mary Cleland:

Marriage: 10 Jan 1754, Killyleagh Parish,Ireland


Children of Hambleton MURDOCK and Mary Cleland are:

         23                i.        Margaret MURDOCK, born Bef. 1755 in Killyleagh, Down, Ireland; died 10 May 1846 in Newberry, SC; married Robert PLUNKETT.

                     ii.        Elizabeth Murdock, born 1758 in Killyleagh, Down, Ireland.

                     iii.        William Murdock, born 15 Mar 1759 in Killyleagh, Down, Ireland.

                    iv.        Jane Murdock, born 10 Jul 1763 in Killyleagh, Down, Ireland.

                        v.            James Murdock, born 06 May 1766 in Killyleagh, Down, Ireland.